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John Wait

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Made in Purple

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Club Donder-Jack Jarryd-Solomon

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Hardcore, Metal Crossover Matinee

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Undercover A Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute

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Tommy Castro & The Painkillers

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Remember Phil & Gary

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Tribute to Neil Young by Zuma

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Crazy Little Things

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The Perfect Tool

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Van Horne Pop

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Ramkot + The Ballet Bombs

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Parris + Nighthawker

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Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar

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The Dead Daisies

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Spirit of Rush

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Ian Siegal & Band

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Sass Jordan & The Champagne Hookers

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RHEA + Beaten By Hippies

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Janse Bagge Bend

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The Doors Alive

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Ultimate Eagles

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Lex Uiting

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Stroom w/ Compact Disk Dummies

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Boskat & CandleBags

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Eric Steckel

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Purple Shade

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Mell & Vintage Future

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The Sore Losers

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ILA & The Afterpartees

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Tommy Gazer

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Black Bottle Riot

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Leif de Leeuw Band & Deborah Parlor

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Julian Sas

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DIRK. + Heisa

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Those Were The Days

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The Vipers

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reEDITORS en Coldplace

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Catfish + What the Frnk

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Lily Arbor

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Beaux Gris Gris

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DVKES + The Entrepeneurs

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Alabama Mike

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Rob Tognoni

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Marfa Motel support C.E.L.L.A.R

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From USA

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Def Americans

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JJR - CCR & Stones Tribute

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Mojo Man

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Emily Hill

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King Of The World

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The Brood

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